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Heavy Duty Latent AGV Autonomous Guided Vehicle Function

October 31, 2023

Heavy duty latent AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) is a special type of AGV intelligent robot, also known as latent unmanned vehicle. Compared with traditional AGVs, latent AGVs are more flexible and concealed. They can sneak under the required workpieces to lift and carry them, and have autonomous navigation and handling functions. It can automatically plan paths and tasks according to actual needs, and realize fast and accurate transportation of materials to achieve more efficient logistics operations.

Heavy Duty Latent AGV Autonomous Guided Vehicle Function Heavy Duty Latent AGV Autonomous Guided Vehicle Function

Latent AGV autonomous guided vehicle features and functions:

1. Concealment: Latent AGV can operate under fixed working conditions to achieve collaborative operations.

2. Automatic navigation: They are equipped with navigation systems that can sense the environment and navigate autonomously through technologies such as laser, infrared, magnetic navigation or visual navigation.

3. Load capacity: Submersible AGV can carry goods of different weights. The specific load capacity varies according to the model and design.

4. Automatic loading and unloading: They can automatically remove goods from shelves or place them in designated locations, reducing manual operations.

5. Safety: Latent AGVs are usually equipped with safety features such as obstacle avoidance systems, safety sensors and emergency stop buttons to ensure that no accidents occur during operation.

6. Data management: They have data collection and management functions and can record information on handling tasks for inventory management and analysis. It has a highly intelligent management platform that can be connected with external management systems to implement operations such as warehousing, outgoing, and scheduling of materials. At the same time, the management platform can also monitor the working status and health status of the robot in real time. When an abnormality occurs, the problem can be reported and dealt with in a timely manner.

7. Collaboration capabilities: Latent AGVs also support communication methods such as Wi-Fi or 5G, and can interact with external devices for data interaction and collaboration. Some latent AGVs can collaborate with other AGVs or human workers to achieve more efficient logistics operate.

Multiple navigation options available:

Latent AGV has a variety of navigation methods, such as magnetic navigation, QR code navigation, reflector laser navigation, etc. Among them, magnetic navigation has lower costs and is simpler to implement, but has poor flexibility. AGVs can only walk along magnetic strips; QR code navigation has accurate positioning and is easier to lay and change paths, but the paths require regular maintenance. If the site is complex, , you need to frequently replace the QR code; the reflective plate laser navigation positioning is accurate and can operate in a light-free environment, but the cost of the laser reflector is high, and there must be no obstacles between the reflective sheet and the AGV laser sensor, making it not suitable for logistics in the air. Influence situations.

In short, the latent AGV is a highly intelligent, flexible and reliable robot that can be widely used in automated logistics systems, manufacturing and other fields.

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