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Heavy Duty AGV Function And Advantage

October 26, 2023

Heavy duty AGV is an AGV independently developed by us. It can be equipped with various navigation methods such as magnetic navigation and laser navigation to achieve precise positioning. Automatically drive along a predetermined route to accurately deliver goods from the starting point to the destination. It can automatically stop when passing obstacles during driving, meeting the needs of multiple AGV handling and scheduling in the workshop. When the power is lower than the set value, it can automatically return to the charging position. When the power is higher than the set value, charging is completed and operation continues. During this period, there is no need for personnel to be on duty, thus achieving unmanned intelligent management.

The Heavy duty AGV has obstacle avoidance function, can accurately detect obstacles, automatically park, and meet customers' needs for tonnage-level carrying capacity and automated transportation of large-volume materials. At the same time, it can seamlessly connect to upper-level systems such as enterprise MES, multi-machine scheduling, and information management. The automation and intelligence reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve turnover efficiency.

AGV has the advantages of high degree of automation, high operating efficiency, and low investment cost. It greatly reduces waste in supply chain logistics and has been widely used in logistics, warehousing, food processing, automobile manufacturing, semiconductors, new energy and other fields. Customized design (size customization + color customization)

Advantages of heavy duty agv

1. Rapid deployment: convenient operation: rich project implementation experience and short deployment cycle.

2. High operating efficiency: reduce personnel participation, directly connect to the production line, efficient, economical and flexible.

3. Safety protection: four layers of safety protection (laser safety protection, obstacle avoidance sensor, mechanical anti-collision device, emergency stop button)

4. Large cargo handling: supports cargo handling of 1 ton and above, truck rotation, etc.

5. Flexible operation: supports forward, backward, rotation, lateral movement and other movement modes to facilitate the flow between various points.

6. Multi-machine dispatching: Seamlessly connect to upper-layer systems such as enterprise MES, uniformly dispatch Heavy duty AGVs, conduct traffic control, and prevent collisions or congestion.

BEFANBY can customized different type AGV handling demand, welcome to contact us for more material handling solution.

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