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3 Sets 10 Ton Agv Carts Exported Singapore Factory

December 01, 2023

Good news to enjoy everybody.

The 3 sets AGV carts ordered by our customers in Singapore have been successfully delivered to the customer's site. This news shows the feedback from our customers in Singapore. Customers said that the agv cart ran well at their site, and that it could perform lifting, climbing, or linkage functions between the two agv carts.

The solution detailed introduction from the solution page of our website. The agv cart factory test is showing before 2 months.

Technical Parameter

Model: AGV

Capacity: 10T

Table Size: 5000*3600*600mm

Lifting Height: 350mm

Power: Lithium Battery powered

Slope Degree: 0.48 Degree

Lifting Speed: 400-500mm/min

Running Speed: 0-30m/min

3 Sets 10 Ton Agv Carts Exported Singapore Factory 3 Sets 10 Ton Agv Carts Exported Singapore Factory

3 Sets 10 Ton Agv Carts Exported Singapore Factory 3 Sets 10 Ton Agv Carts Exported Singapore Factory

Working Site Video Showing

The AGV cart (automated guided vehicle) is a robot or vehicle that is equipped with navigation and control systems to autonomously move materials or workpieces in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any other industrial environment. AGV carts are often used to transport heavy or bulky items, eliminating the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.AGV carts use various navigation methods such as lasers, vision systems, or magnetic or optical tape to navigate predetermined paths or landmarks. They can be programmed to follow specific routes, avoid obstacles or people, and even communicate with other AGV carts or systems in the facility.AGV carts can be used for various tasks, including material handling, palletizing, and transporting goods between different stations or areas. They can be powered by batteries, which can be recharged automatically, allowing them to operate continuously.By using AGV carts, companies can streamline their workflows, reduce product damage, and enhance worker safety. These vehicles can work in conjunction with other automation technologies, such as robotic arms or conveyors, to create a fully integrated and efficient system.

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