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Australia 6 Inches Mecanum Wheels Feedback

March 27, 2024

The Australia customer ordered 4 pieces of mecanum wheels for their trolley. After receiving the goods, the customer sent us a video and said that the mecanum wheels were running perfectly and looked forward to our future cooperation.

Technical Parameter

1. Model: MW152

2. Diameter: 6 Inches

3. Material: Aviation aluminum 7075+NDI roller

4. Axle Hole: 15mm

Australia 6 Inches Mecanum Wheels Feedback Australia 6 Inches Mecanum Wheels Feedback

Australia 6 Inches Mecanum Wheels Feedback Australia 6 Inches Mecanum Wheels Feedback

Mecanum Wheel Introduce

Mecanum wheel is a special type of wheel that is commonly used in competition robots and special-type robots to achieve omnidirectional movement. Omnidirectional movement means that the robot can make translation and rotation movements in any direction within the plane.

The design of the Mecanum wheel is based on a central wheel surrounded by a number of axles arranged at an angle. This design allows part of the wheel steering force to be converted into wheel normal force. By controlling the direction and speed of each wheel, the combination of these forces can produce a resultant force vector in any required direction, allowing the entire platform to move freely in the direction of the resultant force vector without changing the direction of the wheel itself. direction.

There are many small rollers distributed diagonally on the rim of the Mecanum wheel, which allows the wheel to slide laterally. The busbars of the small rollers are specially designed. When the wheel rotates around the fixed wheel center axis, the envelope of these small rollers forms a cylindrical surface, allowing the wheel to continuously roll forward.

The Mecanum wheel is a very successful all-round wheel due to its compact structure and flexible movement. Usually, four such wheels are used in combination to achieve full range of mobility more flexibly and conveniently.

There are differences in structure, mechanical characteristics and kinematic characteristics between the Mecanum wheel and another omnidirectional wheel (Omni Wheel). The main difference is the angle of their hub axis to the roller axis. The hub axis of the omnidirectional wheel and the roller axis are perpendicular to each other, while the hub axis of the Mecanum wheel is at an angle of 45° to the roller axis. Although theoretically this angle can be any value, according to actual application requirements, the 45° angle is the most commonly used design.

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