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Canada Heavy Duty Lifting AGV 5 Ton Factory Feedback

May 06, 2024

Heavy duty AGV 5 ton mecanum wheel AGV has worked well on site, the following picture shows the feedback from our Canada client emailed.

Canada Heavy Duty Lifting AGV 5 Ton Factory Feedback

Whats' more, the next picture shows the site that the 5 ton agv worked and handled the workpiece.

Canada Heavy Duty Lifting AGV 5 Ton Factory Feedback

Please check the AGV solution if you'd like to learn more about the Canada project.

Video Showing


About the advantage of the Mecanum wheel lifting agv, This Mecanum wheel AGV adopts advanced navigation technology and can move freely in the workshop accurately. It can not only carry heavy objects, but also adjust the height as needed to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods.

Secondly, in terms of details, the design of the heavy duty Mecanum wheel AGV is also very user-friendly. It is equipped with an intelligent obstacle avoidance system, which can not only detect obstacles ahead in time, but also react quickly to avoid collisions. At the same time, its liftable system also makes the AGV more adaptable in different working environments. Whether it is working with an assembly line or during ground transportation, AGV can complete the work by automatically adjusting its height to better meet diversified logistics needs.

In addition to the above advantages, the 5 ton heavy duty Mecanum wheel AGV also has an efficient energy management system. Through intelligent cruise control and automatic charging functions, AGV can accurately calculate energy consumption to ensure that operations will not be interrupted due to insufficient power during work. This is particularly important for warehouses that operate for a long time, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce unnecessary downtime.

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