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America 1.5T AGV Automatic Mobile Robotic Factory Feedback

March 22, 2024

Excellent, this is exciting news! The heavy duty AGV (Automatic Mobile Robotic) exported to the United States has been debugged and received positive feedback from customers, which proves the efforts and professional capabilities of our team. Customer satisfaction is the best recognition of our work results.

This news will help customers better understand our projects and services from customer agv project introduction, agv technical parameters, feedback video analysis, debugging process introduction, etc.

1. Project Introduction

This AGV robot was purchased by our American customer and is used to transfer workshop pallets. The AGV uses Mecanum wheels, which can achieve vertical and horizontal translation, rotation and other functions without changing its own direction. Compared with our other AGVs, this AGV transfer vehicle integrates three navigation methods (laser navigation, QR code navigation, and magnetic stripe navigation), which can meet the AGV's use in a variety of working conditions.

In addition, regarding the safety system of the AGV, first, the AGV is equipped with a safety touch edge. The car will stop immediately when a person touches it, ensuring the safety of both people and the AGV transfer vehicle. Second, there are 5 emergency stop buttons installed around the fuselage, which can take pictures and stop in an emergency. Third, the AGV truck uses lithium batteries as power. Fast charging is possible. There is a charging slider on one side of the transfer vehicle, which can be automatically charged in conjunction with ground charging piles. Fourth, the four corners of the transfer vehicle are equipped with customized corner lights, and the lights can be set. Fifth, there is an inspection cover on the top to facilitate repairs in case of failure; sixth, the surrounding corners are designed to avoid bumps at right angles.

America 1.5T AGV Automatic Mobile Robotic Factory Feedback America 1.5T AGV Automatic Mobile Robotic Factory Feedback

2. Technical Parameter

Model: AGV

Capacity: 1.5T

Table Size: 1500*1100*500mm

Power: Battery

Charging: Automatic Charge

Working Frequency: It will be used a maximum of (10) times per day, no more, we do inventory delivery in the morning.

Operation: The first is automatic touch screen control (in the case of a single machine); the case of multiple AGV linkage requires centralized control touch screen control, or computer control.

America 1.5T AGV Automatic Mobile Robotic Factory Feedback America 1.5T AGV Automatic Mobile Robotic Factory Feedback

3. Feedback Video Analysis

The AGV operation video sent by the customer will be a valuable resource that can help us further analyze the performance of the AGV in the actual working environment. Through a series of videos sent, we can observe whether the AGV's navigation, handling, obstacle avoidance and other functions are running smoothly, and whether there are areas that need improvement.

After receiving the AGV operation video sent by the customer, our team immediately conducted detailed viewing and analysis. The video clearly shows the actual performance of AGVs in different work scenarios, including handling, navigation, obstacle avoidance, and collaborative work with personnel.

First, we evaluated the AGV's navigation accuracy and stability. As can be seen from the video, the AGV can accurately identify the path in a complex warehouse environment and drive to the designated location stably. This is thanks to our precise navigation algorithms and advanced control systems.

Secondly, we evaluated the AGV's handling capacity. The video shows that the AGV can accurately grab and carry different types of goods and remain stable during the transportation process. This proves the excellent material handling capabilities and adaptability of our AGVs.

In addition, we also paid special attention to the performance of AGV in obstacle avoidance. In the video, the AGV can respond quickly when encountering obstacles, accurately avoid obstacles and continue to perform tasks. This is due to our advanced sensors and obstacle avoidance algorithms, which ensure the safety of AGVs at work.

In addition to the evaluation in the above aspects, we also carefully observed the collaborative operation of AGV and personnel. According to the video, the AGV can cooperate smoothly with personnel to complete work tasks together. This improves overall work efficiency and reduces labor costs.

4. Debugging Process Introduction

Heavy duty AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) factory debugging guidance mainly includes the following steps:

a. Hardware installation and connection: Ensure that all hardware components, including power supplies, electrical circuits, sensors, etc., are installed and connected correctly. Check the installation and connection of each component to ensure proper operation of the trolley.

b. Software setting and programming: During the debugging process, software setting and programming are required to configure the behavior and work tasks of the car. This may include setting operating speeds, path planning algorithms, sensor data processing, etc. Write code or use corresponding software tools to implement the required functions and behavior logic in the car control system.

c. Path planning and guidance system settings: AGV cars need to be able to navigate independently and run according to the predetermined path. This usually involves setting up guidance equipment such as indicator marks or guide lines, lasers or cameras in the work area, and configuring corresponding guidance algorithms and route planning in the control system.

d. Functional testing and adjustment: After completing the connection, setting and configuration of the hardware and software, perform functional testing and adjustment of the AGV car. First, the car's sensors need to be calibrated and debugged to ensure the accuracy and reliability of sensor data. Secondly, electrical circuits need to be inspected and maintained to prevent electrical faults and short circuits.


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