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China BEFANBY Transfer Cart Factory In Winter Snow

December 25, 2023

China BEFANBY Transfer Cart Factory In Winter Snow

Winter in China is often considered a cold and harsh season. However, when the snow falls heavily and the earth turns white, China’s winter displays stunningly beautiful scenes. Today, I will lead you into this winter fairy tale world and experience the magic and charm of Chinese winter.

This is what our factory looks like when it snows in winter. I couldn't help but take a photo and record it to share with everyone. Every winter, China seems to enter a kingdom of ice and snow. The entire factory is covered with heavy snow, and the silver-covered landscape is refreshing. Our factory seems to be transformed into a pure white winter wonderland, full of poetry and romance.

 China BEFANBY Transfer Cart Factory In Winter Snow China BEFANBY Transfer Cart Factory In Winter Snow

But when it snows, everyone is more concerned about whether our factory can operate normally and whether employees can arrive at work safely.

 In order to allow everyone to work with peace of mind and solve the problem of everyone commuting to and from get off work, BEFANBY took quick action and actively responded to the upcoming blizzard. weather. BEFANBY Company is arranging personnel to stock up on vegetables and ingredients in advance to ensure the supply of ingredients during the snowstorm, and adjusts recipes according to rain and snow weather to ensure that everyone can not only eat hot meals, but also eat nutritiously; at the same time, BEFANBY is starting to count the number of people affected by the snowstorm. For those who cannot go home due to weather conditions, we will arrange accommodation for everyone, coordinate materials, arrange mattresses, bedding, and adjust the air conditioning temperature to ensure that everyone stays warm and comfortable here. Those who have to go home can leave work early to ensure employee safety.

Perhaps this is the warmth of BEFANBY. It is hidden in hot meals, cups of warm red date and ginger tea, and also hidden in beds of warm quilts. On this cold snowy day Like a ray of warm sunshine, it dispels the cold and brings endless strength to BEFANBY people.

 BEFANBY Team playing in the snow together

 China BEFANBY Transfer Cart Factory In Winter Snow

Company Advantage

BEFANBY is a designer and manufacturer dedicated to workshop material handling solutions. It has more than 20 years of production and design experience. It is the earliest handling equipment manufacturer in China. It can currently customize and produce various handling equipment, including intelligent heavy-duty AGVs. , RGV, rail coil transfer cars, trackless cars, trailers, turntables and hundreds of other handling equipment. The company has CE, SGS, ISO9001 and other certifications, has more than 70 patents, and exports to more than 90 countries.

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