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Workshop 500kg Electric Rail Trolley For Flaw Detection

March 29, 2022

Project Introduce

We customized a 500kg rail trolley for a customer in Zhengzhou, which is used by the customer in conjunction with flaw detection equipment in the workshop. Compared with ordinary rail transfer trolleys, the platform of this rail trolley has two seats, one controls the operation of the trolley, and the other is responsible for flaw detection operations. The displays are mounted on our trolleys. The running distance is 5 meters, and the running speed should be particularly slow according to customer requirements, 2m/min. The normal running speed of our transfer cart is 20m/min, but all can be customized according to the specific requirements of the site.

Technical Parameter

1. Model: KPT

2. Capacity: 500kg

3. Table Size: 2000*1200*500mm

4. Power: Cable Powered

5. Running Speed: 2m/min

6. Running Distance: 5m

7. Cabin: 2 pcs

8. Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

Workshop 500kg Electric Rail Trolley For Flaw DetectionWorkshop 500kg Electric Rail Trolley For Flaw Detection

Video Showing

Flaw Detection Electric Rail Trolley Introduce

Flaw detection, also known as non-destructive testing or non-destructive testing, is to detect cracks or defects inside metal materials or components.

Under the condition of not damaging the detected object, use the changes in the reaction to heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, etc. caused by the abnormal structure or defects inside the material to detect the interior of various engineering materials, parts and components. And surface defects, and making judgments and evaluations on the type, nature, quantity, size, shape, and distribution of defects is non-destructive testing.

;Flaw detection is the process of identifying any defects or faults in a product. This process is critical in ensuring the safety and quality of the product before it is released to the market. However, this process requires precision and attention to detail, which is why the electric rail trolley is ideal for the job.

The electric rail trolley operates on an electric motor that powers its movement along the rail. This motor ensures that the trolley operates at a consistent speed, which is crucial for flaw detection. The low speed of the trolley allows the operator to identify and locate any defects with greater accuracy. The trolley's movement is also controlled, allowing for precision movements in the detection process.

Workshop 500kg Electric Rail Trolley For Flaw Detection Workshop 500kg Electric Rail Trolley For Flaw Detection

Flaw Detection Electric Rail Trolley Application Introduce

The electric rail trolley allows it to carry heavy equipment and materials, making it useful in different applications. The trolley's design also ensures that it is stable and can move on different terrains without causing any damage. This feature is especially important in workshops where the trolley needs to move across different surfaces.

The electric rail trolley is ideal for use in different industries, including manufacturing, welding, and construction. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for the detection of various flaws such as cracks, leaks, and other defects. The electric rail trolley can also access narrow spaces, making it useful in detecting faults in hard-to-reach areas.

Flaw Detection Electric Rail Trolley Advantage

Using the electric rail trolley for flaw detection offers numerous benefits. First, it increases the accuracy and efficiency of detecting any defects, which saves time and money. It also reduces the risk of accidents, which could occur if the flaw is not detected before the product is released. Additionally, the trolley's low speed ensures that the operator is not overwhelmed and can detect any defects without compromising their safety.

In conclusion, the electric rail trolley for flaw detection is an essential tool for any workshop. Its low speed, precise movements, and 500kg capacity make it ideal for the detection of various defects in different industries. Investing in this trolley is a wise decision that could save time, money, and prevent accidents in the long run.


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