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Steel Structure Transport 100 Tons Tire Type Trackless Transfer Cart Work Site

June 07, 2022

We received an inquiry from a company in Anhui. Their factory wanted to transport a batch of bulky steel structures weighing 100 tons. These steel structures had to be able to withstand heavy stress, so a special means of transport was required. I want us to design a suitable solution for them.

Here we will introduce the 100 ton tire type trackless transfer cart used in the transportation of the steel structure we designed.

This 100 ton tire type trackless transfer cart is a professional transportation tool that can be used to transport super-large and heavy-duty steel structures. During transportation, the steel structure needs to be placed on this vehicle, so that the safety of the steel structure can be guaranteed even during the moving process. This 100 ton tire trackless vehicle is well designed to adapt to a variety of different road terrains and slopes.

The company team did a lot of preparatory work before actually starting the using. They first spent several days carefully planning the route to determine the most suitable road for transporting the steel structure. They also checked the weather forecast as well as the road conditions to ensure that there would be no obstacles and problems during the transportation.


This 100 ton tire type trackless transfer cart can carry various steel structures of different weights and models, so during transportation, the handling is very flexible and can meet various handling demands. The center point of the steel structure is placed on the vehicle to ensure the stability and safety of the steel structure during transportation. Due to the large size and weight of these steel structures, the speed of the vehicle is relatively slow during transportation, and multiple staff members are reduced to cooperate with the operation, and the remote control is enough, which also greatly reduces labor costs.


During the transportation, the team of this company strictly followed all safety regulations. They will check the transportation of vehicles and steel structures at regular intervals, and adjust the speed and transportation route at any time. In addition, during transportation, they also enhanced the monitoring and response to changing terrain and road conditions.

100 ton tire type trackless transfer cart

All the preparatory work and monitoring measures have ensured the safe transportation of this batch of steel structures. During the transportation, although some difficulties and challenges were encountered, the tire-type trackless vehicle successfully completed the task. The tire type trackless transfer cart can safely transport the steel structure to the designated factory location, which has been highly appraised and praised by customers.


In a word, the 100 tons tire type trackless transfer cart is a very safe and reliable professional transportation tool, which is suitable for the transportation of various oversized and heavy items. However, before using this vehicle for transportation, it is important to be well prepared, have enough space, and strictly observe all safety regulations. Only in this way can the safety of large items such as steel structures be ensured during transportation.


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