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Steel Mill Carry 10 Ton Steel Coil Motorized Transfer Trolley - Exported To Korea

August 03, 2019

Our Korean customers’ company is mainly manufacturing clad metal products, which is using stainless steel and aluminum to make clad metal products. And our motorized transfer trolley required carry the coils from one workshop to another workshop. The max of coils: Width 1,000mm, Height 1,700~1800mm, under 10ton per coil, the transfer trolley should be carry one coils once time. As per the working route and using frequency, we recommend the battery type transfer trolley mounted on rails. And due to transport the coils, in order to avoid slipping from the table, the v frame was installed on the table to protect the steel coils.

Technical Parameter Of the Korean steel coil motorized transfer trolley:

1. Qty: 3 Sets

2. Power: Maintenance Free Battery

3. Size: 2000*1500*500mm

4. Capacity: 10T

5. Wheel Specification: 4/300mm

6. Running Speed: 0-20m/min

7. Motor: DC Motor, soft start

8. Rail: Rail construction and installation drawing will be sent to guide installation, and we can send video to guide or visite the site.

Many handling solution for the coil handling has been designed by our engineer. welcome to contact us for more details.

Steel coil motorized transfer trolley