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Spray Line Use 63T Rail Transfer Car With Scissor Lifting Device

May 12, 2021

BEFANBY Introduce the spray line solution from the following types:

1. Application Environment

2. Solutions

3. Technical Parameter

Application Environment

The shell welding parts of the crusher need to be cleaned, painted, and dried. The workpiece needs to be transferred. There are high-risk factors such as high temperature, flammable and explosive environment in the production process. The rail line is in the shape of an opening, and the transfer car needs to be reversed at 90 degrees.


After on-site communication with customers, a rechargeable vertical and horizontal mobile rail transfer car is used, which can meet the 90-degree reversing operation of the transfer car. The electric turntable is not used for reversing, and there is no need to dig holes in the ground, which reduces the cost relative to the cost. In order to avoid high temperature damage to the electrical appliances of the transfer car, the unloading transfer is adopted. After the workpiece is transported to the drying room, the table of the transfer car is lowered, and the workpiece is placed on the preset pallet. The transfer car exits the drying room. There is a paint spraying process in the production process, which will generate volatile gas, so there are flammable and explosive factors in the air of the processing area. Avoid safety hazards.

Technical Parameter

Model: KPX

Capacity: 63T

Power:Battery Powered

Table Size: 5300*2500*1200mm

Running Speed: 5-15m/min

Rail Type: P50

Special Design: Lifting + Anti-explosion

 Spray Line Use 63T Rail Transfer Car With Scissor Lifting DeviceSpray Line Use 63T Rail Transfer Cars With Scissor Lifting Device

 Spray Line Use 63T Rail Transfer Car With Scissor Lifting Device Spray Line Use 63T Rail Transfer Car With Scissor Lifting Device

BEFANBY can customized different type transfer cart on demand, welcome to contact us for more material handling solution.