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20T Industrial Transport Trailer Towing Dolly For Jumbo Roll Transfer

May 12, 2021

Industrial transport trailer towing dolly, that is trackless flatbed trailers without tracks. The main difference between rail transfer carts and trackless transfer carts is that the trackless transfer cars use solid rubber-coated wheels, which have a strong bearing capacity. The diameter of the wheels configured according to the load tonnage is different. It will be equipped with a steering mechanism. The industrial transport trailer can travel freely on the ground level and even turn on the spot, and can also be set to a fixed route according to customer requirements. Compared with other trailers that travel on the ground, the trackless transfer carts has a small size and load capacity. It has greater force, low trolley height, convenient loading and unloading, and is more suitable for the transfer of materials in the workshop. However, due to its bearing capacity, the trackless flat car has certain requirements on the ground. The load is less than 30T, and ordinary cement ground can be used. Over 30T, the ground needs to be tempered or laid with high-strength load-bearing materials such as steel plates.

The industrial flatbed trailer will be delivered to Indonesia for workshop jumbo roll handling, the trailer will be towed by forklift from bay to bay, Befanby design the towing bar as the towing mechanical, the hand rail was installed around the side to protect the roll from slipping, and generally it is dismountable.

20T Industrial Transport Trailer Towing Dolly For Jumbo Roll Transfer  20T Industrial Transport Trailer Towing Dolly For Jumbo Roll Transfer

Technical Details of Industrial Transport Trailer

1. Model: BWT

2. Capacity: 20T

3. Table Size: 5000*3000*650mm

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