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Material Handling Rail Ferry Transfer Cart 30 Ton For Coating Line

May 21, 2021

In the processing workshop of all molding equipment, a coating operation line is indispensable, which consists of multiple independent workshops such as sandblasting, painting, and baking booths. Therefore, the transfer of heavy workpieces is a big challenge, and the application of rail transfer vehicles is solved. this problem. The following case is a rail transportation scheme commonly used in coating lines.

The scheme consists of three major parts: rail ferry transfer cart, electric hydraulic lift transfer cart, and pallet transfer carts. The workpiece is placed on the pallet, and the size of the electric hydraulic lift transfer cart is generally smaller than the size of the pallet in order to run to the bottom of the pallet and lift the pallet off the ground through the hydraulic lifting system to achieve transfer. The rail ferry transfer cart runs in the pit horizontally relative to the lift transfer cart. The track laid on the table is connected to the ground track for the lift cart to run, and the ferry lift transfer cart travels to and from each painting workshop by means of fixed-point positioning. There are generally no restrictions on the power supply mode of the ferry transfer cart. The first choice for the lift transfer cart is battery power supply, and then the cable reel can be used for power supply. Place the reel on the ferry cart and take electricity from the ferry car. At this time, the ferry car must also be a cable or trolley line power supply.

The 18 sets rail transfer carts were delivered to Wuhan factory, the one is electric type installed in the pit, the others were no power type moved on different coating line.

Technical Parameter of Rail Ferry Transfer Cart:

1. Model: KPJ

2. Capacity: 30T

3. Power: Cable Drum Powered

4. Table Size: 3500*1800*600mm

5. Running Distance: 11m

6. Working Environment: Anti-Explosion

7. Function: The transfer cart will be automatically stop by plc programmed

Material Handling Rail Ferry Transfer Cart 30 Ton For Coating Line  Material Handling Rail Ferry Transfer Cart 30 Ton For Coating Line

Material Handling Rail Ferry Transfer Carts 30 Ton For Coating Line Material Handling Rail Ferry Transfer Cart 30 Ton For Coating Line

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