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Remote Control Cable Drum Handling Battery Driven 6 Ton Railway Trolley Mover - Israel Customer

March 20, 2020

2 sets KPX 6 ton railway trolley has been exported to Israel. Our customer is a large-scale engineering company. At this time, they use the railway trolley to handling the large size cable drum from a long tunnel. The cale drum size is 2 meters diameter, 1 meter width. Low using frequency, consider the cost and easy operation, we recommend the battery driven railway trolley.

Techincal Parameter of Battery Driven 6 Ton Railway Trolley Mover:

1. Cpacity: 6t (Largest Capacity reach to 1,000 tons)

2. Table Size: 3000*2000*600mm

3. Power: Battery Driven

4. Motor: DC Motor

5. Running Ways: Go Forward, Backward

6. Running Speed: 0-100m/min

7. Operation Type: Hand Pendant - Remote Control

BEFANBY is a company mainly manufacturing  and customizing different model railway trolley from any industry since 1953.

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6 ton railway trolley