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Railway Transfer Traverser Ferry With Platform For Workshop Handling - Exported Spanish

June 30, 2016

Railway traverser for ferry is our patented product, which is composed of two transfer carts, the one is transported on the rails installed on the ground, the another transported on the carts with rails, which mainly used in different height occasions.

The railway transfer traverser exported to Spanish for workshop production line ferry, and the second transfer cart have the function of hydraulic lifting system to help transport the workpiece.

Technical Parameter of the first transfer cart running on ground:

1. Power: Sliding wire

2. Capacity: 5t

3. Table Size: 4500*800*500mm

4. Motor: AC Motor

5. Wheel: 300mm

6. Rail Type:P18

Technical Parameter of the second transfer cart running on the transfer cart:

1. Power: Battery

2. Capacity: 3.5t

3. Table Size: 4000*800*700mm

4. Lifting Height: 300mm

5. Motor: DC Motor

6. Wheel: 300mm

7. Rail Type: P18

8. Operation Type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control


Welcome to contact us learn more about the details of ferry railway traverser.


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