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4 Wheel 5 Ton Platform Flat Transfer Cart Heavy Duty For Sand Blasting - Exported Saudi Arabia

July 07, 2016

The transfer cart are used in handling the equipment to sand blasting, To avoid sand falling on the transfer cart and damaging the control system, the hollow structure cart frame are design, which is often used in sand blasting occasions.

For mobile cable powered rail transfer cart, due to short distance, it is a good choice with low cost, this power also can reduce the cart height, which guarantee the safety during transportation.

 Technical Parameter of sand blasting transfer cart:

1. Capacity: 5t | customized capacity to 1000 tons.

2. Power: Mobile Cable Power

3. Table size: 3200*2200*350mm

4. Drag Chain: Protect the cable from abrasion

5. Motor: AC Motor, speed is adjusted

6. Operation Type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

7. Environment: Anti-explosion, anti-high temperature, anti-water, anti-dust.


Welcome to contact us for more  details about the solution of sand blasting use transfer cart.


5 ton rail flat transfer cart