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Electric Self Propelled Transporter With Telescopic Boom - Capacity 1 Ton

July 08, 2020

Our Client Requirement:

1. The Self Propelled Transporter is required to walk in the green safe passage. The workpiece table is 1 meter high, 22 meters long and 3 meters wide.

2. The transfer cart has a steering function and a straight walking function. The steering method is similar to a remote control car. Do not turn the universal wheel.

3. With horizontal and vertical telescopic function (longitudinal hydraulic pressure, horizontal manual stretching or bending), equipped with mobile workstation placement area.

4. The transfer trolley trolley has a storage box and the box is closed, which can store notebooks, drawings, on-site metal blocks and other objects.

5. The self propelled transfer car controls the movement through wireless remote control, has a built-in battery, and has a minimum battery life of 5 kilometers.

6. The design of the mobile support is reasonable, in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, safe, reliable and convenient.

7. In case of power failure, the trolley can be pushed manually.


As per our customers' requirement, we designed the battery powered self propelled transporter.

Capacity: 1 tons

Size: 1000*650*200mm

Motor:DC motor

Wheels: Tyre

Power: Battery

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Self propelled transporter