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3MT Busbar Powered Industry Transfer Trolley ON Rails With Turning System

July 07, 2020

3MT Busbar Powered Industry Transfer Trolley On Rails With Turning System

2 units 3mt busbar powered industry transfer trolley has been tested well by our sales service engineer, their main job is for guidance and installation of rails, then connected with the workshop equipment and tested the transfer trolley due to non-standard product. The transfer trolley need to realize the function of turning on the circular rails by busbar powered.

Befanby is a professional company that produces handling equipment and transshipment vehicles. Befanby is designed for the complicated loading and unloading of bulk materials, fixed-point transportation, repeated transshipment, and off-site transshipment, as well as steering flexibility, loading and unloading, transportation, hidden dangers, production efficiency, etc. Special electric rail flat cars, flatbed trailers, and unpowered tractors are used to improve the transfer efficiency, labor intensity, and performance. It is a product with a high cost performance among current transfer vehicles.

Technical Details of the industry transfer trolley on rails:

1. Model: KPC

2. Capacity: 3MT

3. Power: Busbar Powered

4. Table Size: 1600*2100*600mm

5. Running Speed: 0-5m/min

6. Wheel Diameter: 250mm

7. Color: Gray, Customized color

8. Motor: AC Motor

9. Operation Type: Operation Handle + Remote Control

10.Warranty: 2 years