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Battery Power 25T Transfer Cart Steel Plate Carrier Moved On Bay Steel Rails

March 06, 2021

The second order from our automobile manufacturer company, The transfer cart was used in their new controlled corporation factory. They ordered 5 sets transfer cart again moved on steel rails for automobile parts handling.

As the video showing, the rail transfer cart is transferring the steel plates, capacity 25 ton, battery powered. Our after sales service personnel installed and tested the rail transfer cart on working site.

Battery Power 25T Transfer Cart Steel Plate Carrier Moved On Bay Steel Rails  Battery Power 25T Transfer Carts Steel Plate Carrier Moved

Technical Parameter Of 25t Transfer Cart:

1. Model: KPX

2. Capacity: 25T

3. Power: Battery Powered

4. Table Size: 3000*2500*900mm


Matters Need Attention While Operating The Battery Power Transfer Cart

1. Ensure that electric transfer carts are not overloaded

    When the company's electric transfer cart products are designed according to the load capacity, the actual load capacity is greater than the marked load capacity. Occasionally overload operation is possible, but do not overload operation for the service life of the equipment.

2. Ensure that there is no debris on the track and beside the track

    It is easy to cause accidents when the scene is chaotic. Clearly mark the aisles and passages of the electric transfer carts to ensure that there are no debris on the track, which will affect the normal operation of the electric flat car. Ensure sufficient clearance between loading brackets, passage entrances, shelves, and corners. Monitor the dense points in the work process to ensure sufficient space.

3. Noise and other abnormalities

    When the product is transported, there will be a warning light flashing and an alarm sound, and the noise in the workshop is easily distracting, so pay more attention to the use of the electric flat car to see if there is any abnormality in the start and stop operation.