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AGV Automated Guided Vehicle 2MT Transfer Cart For Pipes Handling

June 05, 2024

Our Hongkong customer customized 1 set AGV automated guided vehicle 2MT for pipe handling. The article will show the Project introduce, Technical parameter, picture and videos, AGV Function and feature, etc.

Project Introduce

The Hongkong client are a company dealing with retailing business. In their group, they have a new sister company making prefabricated products for pipes. To meet their equipment’s need, they are interested in our AGV Automated Guided Vehicle 2MT.  Is this equipment’s carrying capacity is 2tons or more?

They said “We may place 2 or 3 pairs of the frame stand (as below picture) on the top of your cart for holding the pipes (below picture is for your idea). The size of the pipes are about DN80 to DN500mm x 4M. The transfer cart needs to meet the requirements of linear walking, horizontal movement, side movement, and in-situ rotation. Kindly base on this idea to quote us the prices for idea.

Based on the customer's needs and our email communications, we designed the AGV operation plan and combined it with our new appearance, making a complete innovation.

Technical Parameter

Model: AGV


Table Size: 2100*1400*445mm

Power: Lithium Battery

Charging: Automated Charging

Support Jack: Include

Route: Linear Walking, Horizontal Movement, Side Movement, And In-Situ Rotation

Operation: Remote Control + Screen

Picture And Video

AGV Automated Guided Vehicle 2MT Transfer Cart For Pipes Handling AGV Automated Guided Vehicle 2MT Transfer Cart For Pipes Handling

AGV Automated Guided Vehicle 2MT Transfer Cart For Pipes Handling AGV Automated Guided Vehicle 2MT Transfer Cart For Pipes Handling

AGV Function And Feature

First, Function:

1. The backpack steering wheel agv platform is driven by the steering wheel, with strong power, stable operation, and can carry heavy objects;

2. It is small but has a large output drag force, can move forward and backward, turn left and right, and manual operation is not constrained by navigation;

3. It is widely used in wind power equipment manufacturing, train assembly, aircraft assembly and other fields.

4. It has omnidirectional mobility. The operator can operate the platform to load heavy objects for precise positioning, docking and assembly, which greatly simplifies the assembly process, enhances operability, reduces assembly risks, and improves production efficiency.

5. For some parts that are not suitable for crane lifting and transportation, or parts that are difficult to lift indoors, and heavy parts that need to be transported over long distances in the factory, the backpack steering wheel AGV can provide a good solution.

Second, Feature

About the turning structure, It adopts diagonal double steering wheels + diagonal universal wheel drive mode, the steering wheel diameter is 200mm, equipped with 3kw servo motor, and the steering wheel integrates drive motor, steering motor, reducer and other structures. Compared with the traditional differential structure cart, the steering wheel is more adaptable, more convenient to use, and more flexible to control, and can realize lateral movement, longitudinal movement, omnidirectional and 360° in-situ steering and other movement modes. Generally, double steering wheels or multiple steering wheels are designed. The installation method of double steering wheels and multiple steering wheels is relatively free, and can be installed on the center line or diagonal position of the transfer cart. By adjusting the angle and speed of the two steering wheels, the car can realize lane change, steering and other actions without turning the front of the transfer cart, and can even realize turning movement with a radius along any point, which has strong flexibility.

About the screen, The vehicle control panel is usually located on the side or end of the vehicle, and is used to place vehicle control buttons and display touch screens. The control buttons can control the current vehicle status, control the start and stop of the equipment, etc. The touch screen can display the current vehicle status, battery power, fault code, communication data connection, control instructions, etc. The maximum travel speed, current location, target location, etc. can be set through the touch screen, and the display interface and interactive content can be customized.

About the remote control, High-availability industrial wireless dual-joystick remote control, Italian Autek brand, can adapt to any environment and can be used in dusty, high temperature, low cold, corrosive, humid and electromagnetic interference environments.

BEFANBY can customized different type transfer cart on demand, welcome to contact us for more material handling solution.