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5 Ton Battery Powered Transfer Cart For Glass Factory

June 22, 2024

In a glass factory, the transportation of glass is a very important link.In order to improve efficiency and safety, glass factories can choose to use 5 ton battery powered transfer cart for glass transportation.The customized electric battery powered transfer cart countertop will add a type A bracket, which is specially designed to transport glass products inside the factory.


In a glass factory, the transportation of glass products is a very complex process.Glass products are usually very fragile and require special equipment to ensure their safe transportation.The battery powered transfer cart is designed to meet this demand.They are usually equipped with special support structures and protective devices to ensure that glass products will not be damaged during transportation.


This kind of electric battery powered transfer cart is usually driven by an electric motor and can travel freely on the rail inside the factory.They usually have a large carrying capacity and can easily transport heavy glass products.In addition, they can be customized as needed to meet the specific needs of different factories.

glass transfer cart battery transfer cart

During the implementation of the project, BEFANBY's engineers first conducted a detailed demand analysis of the working conditions of the glass factory, and fully communicated and negotiated with customers.Subsequently, BEFANBY's sales manager and engineers formulated a design plan for the electric battery powered transfer cart for the customer, and carried out a customized design. In the design process, we fully considered the characteristics and transportation needs of glass products to ensure that electric battery powered transfer carts can meet the actual needs of the factory.


Technical Parameters

Model: KPX

Capacity: 5 Ton

Table Size: 3200*2200*450mm

Wheel Diameter: 300mm

Power: Battery

Running Speed: 0-20m/min


transfer trolley rail transfer trolley

After the manufacture of the electric battery powered transfer cart was completed, BEFANBY's quality inspection personnel conducted rigorous testing and debugging of it, and conducted relevant training for the customer's employees.Subsequently, the electric battery powered transfer cart was officially put into use.Through the introduction of this kind of electric battery powered transfer cart project, the glass factory has successfully improved the transportation efficiency and safety of glass products, and provided strong support for the production of glass factories.


In general, the application of 5-ton rail transfer carts in glass factories is of great significance.They can not only improve the transportation efficiency of glass products, but also ensure the safety of glass products during transportation.With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous improvement of factory demand, we believe that this kind of electric battery powered transfer cart will be more and more widely used in glass factories.


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