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8 ton Shot Blasting Room Use Self-propel Flat Table Railway Transfer Car - Welding Machine Manufacture

April 12, 2019

The kinds of self-propel flat table railway transfer car has been exported to Egypt,which is mobile cable powered, our customers ordered the railway transfer car for welding machine sandblasting, due to bad sandblasting environment, the sprayed high-speed sand particles are relatively powerful, the table has to be hollow treatment to avoid the sand accumulate in the table or electrical appliance. So the transfer car has to be protected for dust-proof and anti-damage,  if using at shot blasting room.

Techinical Parameter of Self-propel Flat Table Railway Transfer Car:

1. Power: Dragged Cable Power

2. Capacity: 8t

3. Table Size: 2700*2700*290mm

4. Running Distance: 7m

5. Running Speed: 0-3m/min

6. Special Design: Hollow Platform, anti-dust, damage proof

7. Operation Type; Hand Pendant + Wireless Control

The railway transfer car also can be used in drying room, spray booth, painting room, annealing funnace, vacuum furnace, etc. Welcome to inquiry us for learning more.


self-propel flat table railway transfer car