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50 Ton Cylinder Handling Electric Material Transfer Cart

June 26, 2024

Project Name: 50 Ton Cylinder Handling Electric Material Transfer Cart

Project Background:

Customers need to carry cylindrical materials weighing up to 50 tons. These materials need to be transported from one location to another during the production process, so they need a high-carrying capacity material handling equipment.

Project Requirements:

The customer needs a material transfer cart capable of handling 50 tons of cylindrical materials, and it is required to be able to install a rail on the ground inside the factory to make the material transfer cart run on the rail.The cylindrical material in the workshop is long, and the material transfer cart needs to move horizontally and vertically, but there is not enough space in the workshop to make the material transfer cart turn.The material transfer cart is required to have good handling and safety.

material transfer cart Electric Material Transfer Cart


BEFANBY designed a customized 50-ton cylindrical material transfer cart for customers. The frame and carriage are made of high-strength steel, and it is equipped with multiple wheels to increase carrying capacity and stability.In order to meet the requirements that material transfer carts can move horizontally and vertically in the workshop, BEFANBY has added a ferry  transfer cart for customers, which solves the problem that material transfer carts need to move horizontally and vertically.The material transfer cart is equipped with an advanced control system and safety devices to ensure that it can remain stable and safe during handling.


Technical Parameters

Model: KPJ Rail Transfer Cart

Capacity: 50 Ton

Table Size: 1700*13000*700mm

Power: Cable Reel Power

Running Speed: 0-30m/min

Running Distance: 35m


Model: KPT Ferry Transfer Cart

Capacity: 60 Ton

Table Size: 2300*15500*535mm

Power: Tow Cable Power

Running Speed: 0-30m/min

Running Distance: 25m


electric transfer cart  ferry transfer cart

Technical Realization:

BEFANBY used advanced CAD design software to design and simulate the material transfer cart, selected the appropriate size and electric drive system, and completed the manufacture of the vehicle through precision machining and assembly.

Project Implementation:

BEFANBY's engineers visited the customer's factory in person, installed and debugged the material transfer cart in the customer's factory, and trained the operators.The material transfer cart was successfully put into use, and customers highly praised its handling effect and safety.

Results Show:

By using BEFANBY's customized 50-ton cylindrical material transfer cart, the customer's handling efficiency has been significantly improved, while also reducing labor costs and risks in the handling process.

 Summary And Iutlook:

Through the implementation of this project, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and provided reliable solutions for similar handling needs.We will continue to improve and innovate to provide customers with better customized services