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3 Ton Heavy Duty Dolly Trolley Forklift Towing Valve Transfer - Exported UAE

September 27, 2019

1 set 3 ton heavy duty dolly trolley has been exported to UAE, the business scope of our clients is welding and supporting industrial solutions, the heavy duty dolly trolley is applied in valve transport from bay to bay.due to no power or manual type, the dolly trolley need to be towed by forklift, winch or human, and the turning structure can make the transfer dolly work flexibility with low cost.

Technical Parameter of the forklift towing dolly trolley:

1. Capacity: 3 ton load capacity

2. Table Size: 5080*1600*800mm

3. Power: No Power

4. Wheel Type:4*650mm


Customized manufacture as per your demand.

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 3 ton heavy duty transfer trolley