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Mobile Cable Powered 3 Ton Motorized Rail Cart With Cable Chain For Assembly line

September 28, 2019

Mobile Cable Powered 3 Ton Motorized Rail Cart With Cable Chain For Assembly line

About the mobile cable powered motorized rail cart, one end of the cable is connected to the ground power source, and the other end is introduced into the rail cart through the iron clamp device of the electric rail cart. This type of electric rail cart is characterized by low table height and easy loading and unloading of heavy objects, but the running distance cannot be too long, generally not more than 100m, and it is easy to wind the cable if it is too long. Although the use distance is limited, the use time is not limited. In general, in order to avoid the abrasion of the cable, a drag chain will be installed for protection.


The motorized rail cart cables can withstand high mechanical tension, and are especially suitable for tunnel excavation, construction sites or chain buildings, and can also be used in drag chain systems, or industrial applications where there is a risk of fire or explosion. It can also be applied to mobile equipment such as fast-running container cranes, lifting equipment, large-scale equipment and excavators that can travel, ground and underground mining and other occasions with high mechanical stress. The main function of the vehicle is to transport steel, wood, automobiles, machinery and equipment and other bulky or heavy goods, and it can also transport other goods with the help of containers. The truck can also be equipped with other settings according to customer needs, for example, movable partitions can be installed to transport ore, sand, gravel and other particulate goods.

Technical Parameter of motorized rail cart:

1. Model: KPT

2. Power: mobile cable powered

3. Capacity: 3 Ton

4. Table Size: 2500*600*400mm

5. Wheel Size: 250mm

6. Running Speed: 0-20m/min

7. Wheel Qty.: 4 pcs

8. Operation Type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

9. Rail Type: P15

10. Warranty: 2 Years

11. Port: Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai