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Battery Operated Electric Platform Cart 10ton For Steel Molds Handling Motor Driving - Exported Australia

September 26, 2019

1 set KPX battery operated 10 ton electric platform cart on rails has been exported to Australia on Sep. 2019, their company is a manufacturer of crane and crane parts, the electric platform cart is for transferring the modular decks of steel from inplant indoor, dc motor driving, which has the advantage of soft start, low noise, large start power, stable, long service lifetime, Our electric platform carts have passed the authentication of Quality system ISO9001, and SGS, CE certifications. All of our products accord with machinery industrial standard JB/T61 27-92.

Technical Details of 10 ton electric platform cart on rails:

1. Power: battery operated

2. Capacity: 10t

3. Table Size:5500*2200*600mm

4. Wheel Size: 4*300mm | ZG55 Material

5. Color: Yellow, Grey, Blue, Red, customized

6. Customized Function: Lifting, Titling, Climbing, Weighing system, Plc, Turning, etc.

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10 ton electric platform cart