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15T Railless Battery Remote Controlled Steerable Transfer Cars

March 15, 2022

1 set 15t railless steerable transfer cars will be delivered to the Jiaozuo city, Henan Province, which was used in transporting the workshop machinery between production lines. Due to emergent demand. After one days chatting and quoting, our customer placed the order to us.

15T Railless Battery Remote Controlled Steerable Transfer Cars 15T Railless Battery Remote Controlled Steerable Transfer Cars

Technical Parameter:

1. Model: BWP;

2. Capacity: 15T;

3. Power: Battery Powered;

4. Table Size: 5000*2800*600mm;

5. Operation method: on-board handle + wireless remote control;

6. Running Environment: Move on Epoxy floor;

7. Running speed: 0-20m/min;

8. Wheel diameter: 320mm/400mm (polyurethane coated wheels);

9. Start and stop: start and stop are smooth and slow without impact;

10. Car color: medium yellow;

11. Charger: fully intelligent charger

12. Surface spraying: yellow + black warning strip signs in the body

The quality inspection of the whole transfer cart has been completed, and it is ready to make an appointment with the owner to receive the goods. At that time, the technicians will accompany the transfer cart to the site for training and standardize the operation.

15T Railless Battery Remote Controlled Steerable Transfer Cars 15T Railless Battery Remote Controlled Steerable Transfer Cars

About security configuration

In terms of safety configuration, there are mainly sensor switches for stopping when encountering people, also known as infrared sensor switches, the full name of pyroelectric infrared sensor switches and anti-collision safety edge + emergency stop switch/sound and light alarm lights. When the cart is close to the object, use the front scanner to slow down and stop the cart. If the car continues to approach the object, the object scanner will forcibly trigger the car to stop. Multiple protection measures are adopted to ensure double insurance and zero hidden dangers.

About the infrared sensor switch: Any object in nature, as long as the temperature is higher than absolute zero (-273°C), always emits infrared radiation. The higher the temperature of the object, the smaller the peak wavelength of the infrared radiation it emits, and emits infrared radiation The greater the energy radiated. When a person enters the sensing range, the pyroelectric infrared sensor detects changes in the infrared spectrum of the human body and automatically turns on the load. If the person does not leave the sensing range, it will continue to be connected; after the person leaves, the load will be automatically turned off after a delay.

This additional function of safety protection greatly enhances the safety performance of logistics and transportation in the workshop, and has won unanimous praise from users. The sales of electric transfer cars that stop when encountering people have also effectively increased, paving the way for future automated heavy-duty trackless transfer carts.

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BEFANBY can customized different type transfer cart on demand.

Just one minutes to send inquiry to us,  BEFANBY has help you well to get your economic handling solution and quotation despite whether further cooperation or not.