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10T Workshop Steerable 4 Wheels Transfer Cart Around Yard

April 18, 2024

This article will introduce our 10t trackless transfer cart project from six aspects: project introduction, product parameters, product features, customer evaluation, transfer cart work video and company advantages.

Project Introduction

This project took a week from inquiry to payment to complete the transaction. The customer purchased a 10 ton trackless transfer cart for the workshop to move and transfer heavy duty molds of various specifications. (We are looking for some transportation mean to shift our equipment, material and products around our yard.we shall need few unit of 10 ton capacity.) After confirming the basic conditions of the workshop, we recommended a suitable handling solution to the customer and demonstrated our company's strength and project cases. The customer was particularly satisfied.

The customer pain points of this project are: first, the working space of the trackless transfer cart is limited; second, there is a slope when working in the workshop. According to many communications with customers, the main feature of the trackless transfer cart designed by BEFANBY is that the trackless transfer cart adopts differential wheel steering, which greatly reduces the turning radius of the equipment, enables free turning on the spot, and can drive freely and smoothly within a 5-degree slope.

Trackless Transfer Cart Parameters

1. Model: BWP

2. Capacity:10T

3. Table Size: 3000*2000*550mm

4. Power: Battery Powered

5. Wheel: PU Wheel

6. Running Speed: 0-20m/min

7. Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

10T Workshop Steerable 4 Wheels Transfer Cart Around Yard 10T Workshop Steerable 4 Wheels Transfer Cart Around Yard

Features And Advantages Of Trackless Transfer Carts

First, Characteristics

1. No rails required: The biggest feature of trackless transfer carts is that they do not need to lay tracks, which makes them extremely flexible. It can be easily moved between different sites and adapts to various complex production layouts.

2. Electric drive: Trackless transfer carts are driven by electricity. Compared with traditional fuel transfer carts, they have the advantages of zero emissions, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. In logistics transportation, the use of trackless transfer carts can effectively reduce the impact on the environment and enhance corporate image.

3. Modular design: Trackless transfer carts adopt a modular design and can be customized according to different needs to meet the transportation needs of different goods. Whether indoors or outdoors, trackless transfer carts can easily cope with various complex terrains and are highly adaptable.

Second, Advantages

1. Efficient and convenient: Trackless transfer carts have high transportation efficiency. Because it uses electric drive, it has good climbing ability and acceleration performance, and can quickly respond to logistics needs and improve transportation efficiency. In addition, trackless transfer carts also have the advantages of automation and intelligence, which can significantly reduce labor costs.

2. Strong adaptability: Trackless transfer carts are suitable for various complex scenarios. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether on flat ground or on a slope, trackless transfer carts can handle it with ease, showing strong adaptability.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: Trackless transfer carts are driven by electricity, have zero emissions and low noise, and contribute to our environment. At the same time, it also has the advantage of energy saving, saving enterprises a lot of energy costs.

Customer Reviews

The trackless transfer cart has arrived at the site for trial use and is particularly convenient. Previously, we needed at least three manpower to handle the transfer cart, and the requirements for professionalism were high. Now one person can operate it by just pressing the remote control, which greatly saves labor costs. In addition, the excellent performance of trackless transfer carts has made our factory more technological and efficient, which has virtually enhanced the corporate image. It is a very satisfying cooperation and I hope we will have more opportunities to achieve in-depth cooperation in the future.

10T Workshop Steerable 4 Wheels Transfer Cart Around Yard 10T Workshop Steerable 4 Wheels Transfer Cart Around Yard

Trackless Transfer Cart Work Video​

Company Advantage

BEFANBY company is a professional material handling equipment designer and manufacturer since 1953, only involved in this one kinds product. Carrying heavy entrust and living up to trust is our corporate culture. We only provide economical and environmentally friendly handling solutions to save you labor costs and improve handling efficiency.

Welcome to inquiry us to get your handling solution.