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Heavy Duty Magnetic Tape Navigation AGV 2T For Robot Transportation

April 18, 2024

1 set heavy duty magnetic tape navigation agv was tested well and delivered to our customers' site form Beijing. The whole structure are customized on the working site.

Please check the following application and technical Parameter to learn more.


The AGV is mainly used for the customer's production workshop to change the working position of the station. The magnetic tape navigation method is adopted, and the trajectory of the changing position is basically fixed; the AGV is equipped with an industrial robot system, and the robot completes the work of different stations under the delicate conditions of a specific position. In order to meet the requirements of data detection accuracy, the entire agv automated guided vehicle remains stable during the working activities of the robot. The specific application features are as follows:

1) Install the robot body, controller, computer workstation, power cabinet and other hardware systems on the AGV platform, and install measurement sensors at the end of the robot

2) The AGV automated guided vehicle is equipped with a manual positioning auxiliary support mechanism. When the AGV moves to the designated position of the special workpiece, the manual operation support device lifts the AGV off the ground and fixes it.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Tape Navigation AGV 2T For Robot Transportation Heavy Duty Magnetic Tape Navigation AGV 2T Automated Guided Vehicle

Technical Parameter:

1. Model: AGV-2T

2. Table Size:3000*1650*700mm

3. Guidance Method: Magnetic Tape

4. Running Speed: 3-20m/min(Adjusted Speed Support)

5. Power: Lithium Battery Power

6. Charging: Intelligent Charger, Manual Charging(Automatic Charging Support)

7. Safe Device: Sound And Light Alarm, E-Stop, Sensor Stop, Safety Edges, Guard Bars, Supporting Legs;

Heavy Duty MagneticNavigation AGV 2T Robot Transportation Heavy Duty Magnetic Tape Navigation AGVs 2T For Robot Transportation

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