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10T Electric Power Flat Rail Cart For Coil Handling Remote Control

May 25, 2020

10T Electric Power Flat Rail Cart For Coil Handling Remote Control

1 unit 10t electric power flat rail cart has worked well on customers'site, our customer placed the order for coil material handing. Our customer business scope mainly include: Mechanical and electrical equipment, painting equipment, environmental protection equipment, automation equipment manufacturing, processing, electrical equipment installation (except for installation, maintenance, and testing of electrical equipment), purification equipment installation, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Befanby rail cart is a tracked electric transportation vehicle in the factory, and the track is generally an I-shaped surface track. The cart body has no direction control device, only forward and backward directions. The structure is simple, easy to use, large carrying capacity, easy, and long service life. The trackless electric transport vehicle is generally on cement ground or steel plate ground. It can be turned in all directions. It is convenient to use, strong in carrying capacity, easy to use, and can be used inside the factory. Handling across workshops, etc.

 Technical Parameter of Electric Power Flat Rail Cart:

1. Model: KPD

2. Application: outdoor coil handling

3. Power: Low voltage rail powered

4. Capacity: 10T

5. Table Size: 2400*1600*500mm

6. Running Speed: 0-5m/min

7. Running Distance: 25.5m

8. Wheel Diameter: 300mm

9. Rail Type: P24 Rails

10. Operation Type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control