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10 Ton Capacity Workshop Condenser Transfer Battery Powered Industry Vehicles With Long Shaft Roller

June 13, 2019

The battery powered industry vehicle is mainly used in workshop condenser transfer, due to the condenser structure and working requirement, the roller need to installed on the transfer vehicles,and realize the rotating at the same time.


About the long-axis roller frame, which can be adjusted left and right, and the power supply is in the middle. Therefore, the transmission mode is a chain drive. For the convenience of installation, the long-axis roller frame is cut off from the middle, the long-axis roller frame is longer, and the auxiliary support wheel is added in the middle. To increase the force, the roller frame can be adjusted laterally and adopts the form of a motor screw. Due to the long roller frame, in order to ensure synchronous adjustment, a sprocket chain structure is added in the middle to ensure synchronization.

The technical Parameter:

1. Puschase No.: 4 Sets

2. Power: Battery Powered

3.Capacity: 10 ton; customized from 1 to 1000 tons

4. Table Size: 5500*1000*650mm

5. Running Speed:0-20m/min

6. Packing: The battery power rail vehicle will be packed by the plastic film and tarp, the parts will be packed by the high quality wooden case.


10 ton transfer vehicle on rails