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Industrial Rail Transfer Cart Turntable Design Showing

June 30, 2021

Electric turntables have been commonly used to assist rail transfer carts to make 90-degree turns when handling materials, and are suitable for use in equipment production lines such as circular tracks and cross-transport tracks. The rail transfer cart turntable system has stable operation, high track docking accuracy, and can realize fully automatic electrical control.

The turntable can be divided into two types of designs:

1. When the load is small, the hollow column and slewing support are fixed at the center of the lower part of the turntable, and parallel tracks are set on the upper surface to realize rotation.

2. When the load is large, the electric turntable is composed of a frame, a rotating table, a driving device, a control box, a slewing support, a core, a wheel, a track, etc. The electric turntable track docking is controlled by a frequency converter to achieve automatic deceleration control, and There is an electronic safety limit device between the two positions of 90º to ensure accurate positioning when the rotating table rotates, so that the main guide rail and the ground track are well aligned; there is an auxiliary support wheel set under the rotating table to ensure the safety of the rotating table And stability.

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Industrial Rail Transfer Cart Turntable Design Showing