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Soft Start V deck Platform 20 Tons Battery Operated Trolley For Steel Rolls Transportation

December 30, 2019

It is the second order from our Bulgaria customer, Their workshop mainly is using stainless steel and aluminum to make clad metal products. They plan to use the battery operated trolley to handle the steel rolls from the raw material warehouse to the processing line. One pcs steel roll was transported once time, due to its special rounded structure, the v deck frame has to be installed the flat platform. And the v deck frame is dismountable.

Technical Parameter of the 20 tons battery operated trolley:

1. Model: KPX

2. Power:Battery

3. Capacity: 20 Tons

4. Size: 2700*1800*550mm

5. Wheel Size: 4*350 pcs

6. V frame: Dismountable

7. Steel Rails: square steel has been installed on site. (Optional Rail Model)


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