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Rail Guided Scissor Lifting System Transfer Cart For Large Diameter Pipe Handling

June 05, 2018

The rail guided scissor lifting system transfer cart is applied in one processing line of many assembly lines, totally buy 32 sets different standard rail transfer cart. This transfer cart are used in transferring the large pipe before manufactured the tank well. The automated rolling system are installed on the transfer cart connected with the device installed on the workshop, which is for convenient transportation for the large pipe handling.


The scissor lifting system transfer cart is powered by low voltage rails. Because it does not use cables and has a simple structure, it has the advantages of high reliability, high flexibility, high temperature resistance, resistance to resistance, low pollution, easy maintenance, and easy realization of remote control and automation. This series of transfer carts is suitable for large loads and can be used in It runs on S-shaped track and curved track, suitable for places with high frequency, and can also be equipped with a plc system to achieve full automatic control. It is widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical plants. It is used in the workshop with cranes to transport heavy objects.

Technical Parameter of The scissor lifting system transfer cart:

1. Model: KPD

2. Power: Low voltage rail power

3. Weight: 5 Ton

4. Table Size: 2600*2440*450mm

5. Lifting Height: 300mm

6. Running Speed: 25m/min

7. Wheel Diameter: 200mm

8. Operation Type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

Rail Guided scissor lifting system transfer cart for large Diameter Pipe Handling