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Customized Semicircle Platform Rail Electric Box Transfer Cart With Safe Volt Rail Powered

June 05, 2018

The semicircle platform rail electric box transfer cart is one of the 32 sets customized rail transfer cart for tank transport, the platform of rail electric box transfer cart was customized as per the dimension of tank pedestal, one set rail electric box transfer cart transport 2 pcs tank pedestals.

Main configuration and technical requirements of rail electric box transfer carts

The electric rail transfer cart is composed of a frame, a transmission device, a driving and driven wheel set, a step-down transformer, a ground control cabinet, and electrical equipment.

 1. Frame

The rail electric box transfer cart is manufactured in accordance with the JB/T6172-2010 industry standard, the frame structure material is Q235-B, the rail electric box transfer cart steel frame is made of high-quality steel, the structural design is reasonable, and the load-bearing capacity is strong. On the basis of ensuring the load-bearing strength, the structure is minimized Self-respect. The rail electric box transfer cart is equipped with a lifting hook. The steel structure of the frame is based on the principle of the crane, and all adopt the design structure of box beams. The two box beams are welded by steel plates to form I-beams and I-beams and other steel links. The box structure is designed according to the principle of the box beam of the crane and the standard of the flatbed truck. It is convenient for maintenance, easy to disassemble, strong carrying capacity, long service life, small table deformation, and can effectively ensure the flatness of the table top steel plate and ensure the safety of the load. The coefficient is as high as 120%.

2. The electric adopts frequency conversion AC overload protection device and smooth acceleration start, gentle deceleration stop, powerful and stable starting, and greatly reduces the sparks caused by contact with conductive loads in the past.

3. The electrical box and operating system should be set as built-in as possible to make the car body beautiful. Wire number is required inside the control box.

4. The rail transfer cart is equipped with hoisting hooks, leakage circuit breakers, front and rear sound and light alarms.

5. It can be controlled with the car, the cable length is about 3 meters, and it is equipped with a special box for placing the handle.

6. The rail car adopts wire control + remote control mode.

7. Rail transfer cart protection: overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, etc.

Painting and Signs

1. Coating is in accordance with JB/T5000.12 requirements.

2. After the cart body surface is shot blasted and derusted to Sa2.5 level, spray 2 times of primer + 2 times of topcoat, and the paint film thickness is ≥160μm.

3. Finish color: red, painted red and white warning slashes at both ends of the cart.

4. There should be rail cart information signs and fonts in conspicuous positions on the vehicle body.

Customized Semicircle Platform Rail Electric Box Transfer Cart With Safe Volt Rail Powered