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Cable Powered 10T Rail Coil Transfer Car Plc Automatic Control

August 10, 2023

This article about the cable powered 10t rail coil transfer car plc automatic control will introduce it from 6 directions: project introduction, product parameters, customer company, product features, product video and company advantages.

Project Introduction

This project is the customer's sixth order, and we have been cooperating in depth for 3 years. The site conditions of the project are as follows. The customer plans to use a rail coil transfer car for transportation from the factory door to the factory. The running distance is about 10 meters, and the width of the factory door is 1500mm. The largest steel coil currently used is 6 tons, 1100mm in diameter, silicon steel The maximum coil width is 1200mm. The transportation direction is perpendicular to the center direction of the silicon steel roll and the in and out direction. Two rolls are transported at a time. The vehicle is required to automatically stop at four work stations to load steel coils.

However, the customer had 2 pain points at the site: First, there was a certain slope at the door of 2.3 degrees. The customer was advised to repair this slope, otherwise the power would need to be increased a lot. In the end, the customer adopted this suggestion and asked us to be responsible for the track infrastructure. Second, the track outside the workshop is 6 meters and the track inside the workshop is 4 meters. The power supply method and waterproofing for indoor and outdoor use must be taken into consideration.

Rail Coil Transfer Car Parameters

1. Model: KPT

2. Capacity:10T

3. Table Size:2000*1300*350mm

4. Power: Cable Powered

5. Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

6. Special: U Frame added; Plc automatic control

Cable Powered 10T Rail Coil Transfer Car Plc Automatic Control Cable Powered 10T Rail Coil Transfer Car Plc Automatic Control

Client Company

The client company has always adhered to the core values of "vision, innovation, and responsibility" to export high-quality power to the world. It has focused on production and manufacturing for more than 30 years, forming three pillar industries of power transformers, new energy, and system solutions. China Electric (Jiangsu) Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is guided by the green concept of "safety, energy saving and environmental protection" and is committed to the R&D and production of power transmission and distribution equipment. It is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. It has successively won the It has won honorary titles such as National Innovative Enterprise, Top 500 Asian Brands, and National User Satisfaction Products, and has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. It has an annual production capacity of 40,000MVA transformers.

Rail Coil Transfer Car Features

1. Easy to operate: only one person can complete the entire operation process. It is powered by electricity and has no noise pollution.

2. Small size: beautiful and elegant appearance.

3. Reliable performance: It has overload protection function to avoid equipment damage and casualties.

4. Long service life: Made of high-quality materials, durable.

5. High safety factor: Through special design, tools can be prevented from rolling or slipping on the platform of the platform, thus avoiding safety accidents.

6. Simple and convenient maintenance: The movable "U"-shaped frame can be fixed with screws, and the disassembly is very convenient and flexible. The "U"-shaped frame can also be removed when transporting other workpieces, truly realizing the multi-purpose of one vehicle.

7. Good energy saving effect: Due to the advanced control system, the failure rate and maintenance costs of the equipment are greatly reduced.

8. Good economy: Compared with forklifts, the installation of a "U" frame is safer. Compared with driving, more workpieces can be transported at one time, and it is also more convenient to use in two workshops and across the workshop and the factory. Convenient, it is an indispensable transportation tool for roll workshops and factories.

Cable Powered 10T Rail Coil Transfer Car Plc Automatic Control Cable Powered 10T Rail Coil Transfer Car Plc Automatic Control

Rail Transfer Car Working Video

Company Advantage

BEFANBY is a designer and manufacturer dedicated to workshop material handling solutions. It has more than 20 years of production and design experience. It is the earliest handling equipment manufacturer in China. It can currently customize and produce various handling equipment, including intelligent heavy-duty AGVs. , RGV, rail coil transfer cars, trackless cars, trailers, turntables and hundreds of other handling equipment. The company has CE, SGS, ISO9001 and other certifications, has more than 70 patents, and exports to more than 90 countries.

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