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BEFANBY 4T Agv Heavy Duty Automatic Transport Trolley Manufacturer

January 04, 2024

This solution is a 4 ton AGV that we customized for a customer's workshop. The following will be carried out in 6 aspects: project introduction, feature introduction, technical parameters, video display, AGV introduce and company introduction.

1.Project Introduction

This AGV is a typical example of our customization. It is used in customer manufacturing workshops. It has two working modes: electric and unpowered. The running wheels are configured with four universal wheels and two steering wheels. The four universal wheels are arranged at the four corners of the chassis. The two steering wheels are arranged on the center line at both ends of the chassis, and the wheelbase is the same as that of the universal wheel. In order to avoid damage to the ground caused by the steering wheel turning in place, BEFNABY finally decided to use a differential wheel structure for the steering wheel. The four universal wheels have manual locking and unlocking functions. The running wheels have effective shock absorption measures. When operating in automated mode, it is driven by a steering wheel, moving vertically and horizontally + rotating in place, and removable manual telescopic columns are installed at the four corners. When the two sets of driving steering wheels are lifted off the ground through screws, the trolley can operate as an unpowered trailer.

BEFANBY 4T Agv Heavy Duty Automatic Transport Trolley Manufacturer BEFANBY 4T Agv Heavy Duty Automatic Transport Trolley Manufacturer

2. Agv Features

(1) It has the wired remote control walking function of the mobile platform vertically, horizontally, and in situ rotation.

(2) With traction function

(3) With voice prompt function

(4) Have space for batteries, remote controls, tools, chargers, spare parts, etc.

(5) Equipped with close range alarm, contact emergency stop and anti-collision functions

(6) The platform table has the carrying capacity of people standing on it

(7) With sound and light alarm function

(8) Equipped with manually deployed parking device

(9) It has the function of manually locking the direction of the rear universal wheel in the traction state and the function of manually unlocking the direction of the rear universal wheel in the self-propelled state

(10) The platform control panel is equipped with emergency stop button and reset button

(11) Equipped with mounting holes for the manual operating handle of the lifting device

(12) Equipped with local display and control screen on mobile platform

(13) Equipped with tethering and hoisting interfaces

(14) Equipped with drawbar connection interface

 BEFANBY 4T Agv Heavy Duty Automatic Transport Trolley Manufacturer BEFANBY 4T Agv Heavy Duty Automatic Transport Trolley Manufacturer

3. Technical Parameters

Model: AGV

Capacity: 4T

Power: Battery Powered

Table Size:4250*1800mm

Running Speed: ≤2km/h (full load) /≤5km/h (empty)

Climbing: ≥2°(full load) /≥5°(empty)

Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control + screen Control


5. Introduction To Steering Wheel Agv

The steering wheel AGV is a mechanical structure that integrates a drive motor, a steering motor, a reducer, etc. It is an emerging product in the intelligent high-tech industry chain. Compared with the differential control method of traditional AGV trolleys, the steering wheel AGV is more integrated and adaptable. When used with the servo system, it has higher accuracy and faster response. It can carry and tow heavier goods, and can be quickly deployed in fields such as AGVs and mobile robots. Steering wheel drive is the development direction of AGV applications and perfectly meets the application needs of AGVs.

Steering wheel AGV and Mecanum wheel AGV (Melan AGV for short) are two different types of automatic guided vehicles, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

The steering wheel AGV integrates an integrated mechanical structure such as a drive motor, a steering motor, and a reducer. It integrates product, walking, traction, and steering functions and can load and tow heavier goods. AGVs, mobile robots, etc. can be quickly deployed to perfectly meet the application needs of AGVs. Compared with the traditional AGV car differential control method, the steering wheel is highly integrated and adaptable. When used with the servo system, it has higher accuracy and faster response.

The mecanum wheel of Macanum AGV has a unique structure. Small rollers are evenly distributed on the outer circle of the wheel hub. The small rollers rotate around their own axis and rotate with the wheel hub at the same time. This structure enables the AGV to perform complex actions such as forward and backward, left and right steering, in-situ rotation, zero-radius steering, and lateral movement. However, the load capacity of the wheat wheel is poor. The small rollers alternately contact the ground and receive force. At each moment, only one small roller receives force, and the force on a single small stick is extremely limited. In addition, the polyurethane on the outside of the small roller is easy to wear. When the load is large, the polyurethane heats up inside, causing it to fall into pieces; the thread roots at both ends of the small stick are also easy to break.

To sum up, the steering wheel AGV and the Macanum AGV have their own merits. The steering wheel AGV has higher integration and adaptability, and is more suitable for the towing and transportation of heavy goods; while the Macanum AGV has more complex movement and steering capabilities. In practical applications, the appropriate AGV type can be selected according to needs.

6. Company Introduce

BEFANBY is a designer and manufacturer dedicated to global material handling solutions. With more than 20 years of production and design experience, it is the earliest handling equipment manufacturer in China. It is also the leader in the handling equipment industry and the only one in the industry. A specialized and innovative enterprise. Currently, we can customize and produce various types of handling equipment, including hundreds of types of handling equipment such as intelligent heavy-duty AGVs, automated rail guided vehicles, rail cars, trackless vehicles, trailers, turntables, etc. The company has CE, SGS, ISO9001 and other certifications, more than 70 patents, and exports to more than 90 countries. Its products are widely used in aerospace, lithium battery, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel plants, various workshops, production lines, assembly lines, ports, Railways and other industries that require material handling.

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