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50T Molten Steel Ladle Transport Electrical Rail Cart With Rotating Table

May 28, 2023

Project Introduction

This customer is an old customer we have cooperated with for 5 years in Zhengzhou Metallurgical Industry, and it is also the 8th order placed by the customer. The order is still for a 50t electrical rail cart which is used to transport ladles and clean ladles in the workshop. Its main special function is to install an electric rotary table on the rail car table, and the platform is flush with the table. It can achieve 360-degree rotation to achieve all-round cleaning operations. It can easily cope with various complex working environments. It is an indispensable and important equipment on the modern production line, which greatly improves work efficiency and flexibility. By adopting an advanced low voltage rail power supply system, it achieves efficient use of energy and further improves the energy efficiency ratio of the equipment. In addition, it uses high-quality materials and components to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment. While improving work efficiency, it also saves companies a lot of operating costs.

All in all, this 50t molten steel ladle transport electrical rail cart is an ideal choice for the metallurgical industry due to its excellent performance and efficient working methods. It can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create greater value for enterprises. The design concept of this ladle truck reflects the pursuit of modern industrial production. It perfectly combines technology and practicality, injecting new vitality into the development of the metallurgical industry.

Technical Parameters

Model: KPD

Capacity: 50T

Power: Low Voltage Rail Powered

Table Size: 7000*3000*950mm

Running Speed: 0-16m/min

Running Distance: 16m

Rail Inner Gauge: P43

Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

Client Company Introduction

Zhengzhou *** Co., Ltd. is a research and development high-tech enterprise whose main business is engineering technology and intelligent equipment manufacturing, industrialization and engineering applications in the fields of energy conservation, safety and environmental protection in the aluminum industry. The company was established in November 2017 Listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations in Beijing. It is a co-constructed unit of the Henan Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Environmental Pollution Control and Ecological Restoration/China Key Laboratory of Light Industry Pollution Control and Resource Recycling, a new R&D institution in Henan Province, and has a provincial academician workstation. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of my country's aluminum industry.

 50T Molten Steel Ladle Transport Electrical Rail Cart With Rotating Table 50T Molten Steel Ladle Transport Electrical Rail Cart With Rotating Table

Introduction To Low Voltage Rail Transfer Carts

The low-voltage track power supply rail cart is a special transportation tool. Its working principle is to reduce the 380V power supply (three-phase or single-phase) voltage to 36V safe voltage through a ground-controlled voltage reduction system, and then feed it to the guide rail (the guide rail is also flat the rail of the vehicle). Then, the low-voltage electricity is sent to the step-up transformer on the car through the conductive device of the flat car, and the voltage is boosted to 380V to drive the flat cart to run and drive a three-phase or single-phase capacitor motor.

This rail cart has seven main technical parameters: power mode, load tonnage, table size, table height, rail length, track spacing and operating mode. Among them, power supply mode and load tonnage are the most important parameters. Since the running rail is also a live rail, insulation needs to be carried out between the tracks and between the wheels and the cart body. Special insulation treatment should be carried out when laying the rail.

The advantage of this kind of rail cart is that it does not use cables, so it is safe and reliable, not afraid of heat or damage, does not hinder cross-transportation, and is easy to implement remote control and automation. In addition, it is very convenient for factory transportation layout. However, its rail construction requirements are relatively high, and track insulation must be ensured.

In addition, this kind of electric rail cart will not cause electric shock accidents due to the low-voltage power supply of the track. However, due to the large voltage drop at the end of the line when the current is large at startup, copper bar compensation lines should be added when the running distance exceeds a certain distance, and the number of step-down transformers must be increased to compensate for the track voltage drop.

 50T Molten Steel Ladle Transport Electrical Rail Cart With Rotating Table 50T Molten Steel Ladle Transport Electrical Rail Cart With Rotating Table

Running Video


Company Profile

BEFANBY is a designer and manufacturer dedicated to global material handling solutions. With more than 20 years of production and design experience, it is the earliest handling equipment manufacturer in China. It is also the leader in the handling equipment industry and the only one in the industry. A specialized and innovative enterprise. Currently, we can customize and produce various types of handling equipment, including hundreds of types of handling equipment such as intelligent heavy-duty AGVs, automated rail guided vehicles, rail transfer carts, trackless transfer carts, trailers, turntables, etc. The company has CE, SGS, ISO9001 and other certifications, more than 70 patents, and exports to more than 90 countries. Its products are widely used in aerospace, lithium battery, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel plants, various workshops, production lines, assembly lines, ports, Railways and other industries that require material handling.

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