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4t Chemical Industry Material Transfer Self Driven Electrical Battery Rail Cart Towing No Power Trailer

May 05, 2018

3 Sets 4t rail cart are delivered to Jilin Province, China, the transfer cart is used in chemical warehouse for chemical material handling from finished products workshop to warehouse. Due to large output, once transportation has to realize to 12 ton handling, but all are bulk handling, due to the safety and cost control, BEFANBY designed the kinds handling solution: one electric driven battery rail cart towing two no power rail trailer handling together.


Main Technical Data:

1. Capacity: 4 Tons

2. Table Size: 3900*1400*500mm

3. Turning Radius: 10000mm

4. Power: Maintenance Free Battery, No Power

5. Wheel Material: Casted Steel

6. Cart Material: Q235B Steel

7. Operation Type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

8. Special Function: Turning on rails; 3 sets rail carts towing together

Befanby can customized different type transfer cart on demand, welcome to contact with us for more details.

Electrical Battery Rail Cart