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30 Ton Cable Power Trackless Turning Transfer Trolley With Lifting Table - Electrical Equipment Transportation

July 15, 2020


The 30 ton trackless transfer trolley has been exported to Peru on June, 2020. our customer manage a company which is a equipment specialists, engaged in electrical service, engineer ans solutions in the countryside.

Our customer use the transfer trolley need to realize the function: two transfer trolleys handling and lifting a large size electrical equipment together, after reaching the destination, the trolley platform is raised to a certain height to place the equipment on the operating table or production line. The running distance is less than 50m.


Solution: Generally it is battery powered, but the price is not low. Consider the cost and short distance transportation, we designed the cable power trackless turning transfer trolley.

Technical Parameter of trackless transfer trolley with lifting table:

1. Exported Country: Peru

2. Capacity: 30 ton, 2 Sets

3. Power: Cable Power

4. Table Size: 5000x2000x900mm

5. Lifting Height: 400mm

6. Running Speed: 0-5 m/min

7. Operation Method: Hand Pendant & Remote Control

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30 ton trackless transfer trolley