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22T Battery Power Rail Lifting Transfer Car For Manufacturing Line

December 08, 2022

In large-scale construction sites and factories, transporting heavy objects is often a difficult task. However, the development of modern technology not only makes this problem possible, but also makes it easy. Battery powered rail transfer cars have been used by more and more factories at home and abroad. All handling equipment is customized by us according to the customer's working conditions. The application site of this project is the production line of Shanghai *** Company. In terms of functionality and appearance, the 22 ton battery powered rail transfer car is also one of our typical projects.

22T Battery Power Rail Lifting Transfer Car For Manufacturing Line 22T Battery Power Rail Lifting Transfer Cars For Manufacturing Line

22T Battery Power Rail Lifting Transfer Car For Manufacturing Line 22T Battery Power Rail Lifting Transfer Carts For Manufacturing Line

1. Introduction to battery power rail transfer cars

A 22 ton battery-powered rail lifting transfer car is a type of industrial vehicle used in manufacturing lines for transporting heavy loads. This type of transfer car is designed to run on rails and is powered by a battery, eliminating the need for external power sources or fuel.

Key features of this transfer car may include:

Lifting capacity: The transfer car can handle loads up to 22 tons, making it ideal for transporting heavy machinery, equipment, or materials within a manufacturing facility.

Rail-mounted: This transfer car is designed to run on rails, allowing for precise movement along a predetermined path. This makes it well-suited for applications where fixed routes are required for material handling.

Battery-powered: The transfer car is equipped with a rechargeable battery system, providing the necessary power for both horizontal movement and lifting operations. This eliminates the need for external power sources or fuel, making it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Lifting mechanism: The transfer car may feature a lifting mechanism, such as hydraulic or electric lifts, to raise and lower loads as needed. This allows for efficient loading and unloading of heavy items onto and off the transfer car.

Safety features: Safety measures such as emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, and warning alarms may be incorporated to ensure the safe operation of the transfer car in the manufacturing environment.

2. Project introduction

The rail transfer car of this project has a load-bearing capacity of 22 tons and a running distance of 36 meters. The on-site situation is to carry workpieces back and forth on the workshop manufacturing line.

As for the lifting position, according to the customer's workpiece conditions, we have lifting positions at both ends of the car body with a height of 350mm. More importantly, the lifting devices at both ends can lift and lower synchronously. The vehicle is equipped with an advanced automation system that can intelligently identify specified work stations and automatically park for operations. This efficient and intelligent automation system reduces the risk of manual operations and improves work efficiency and accuracy.

3. Cool appearance design

The appearance design is a highlight of the 22-ton battery-powered rail car project. In order to enhance the recognition and attractiveness of the vehicle, we carefully selected strip lighting. When the rail car moves forward, the light strips show a dazzling green; when the rail car moves backward, the light strips turn into a charming blue. This design cleverly combines technology and fashion elements, injecting youthful vitality into factory transportation and becoming a beautiful landscape of the factory.

4. Technical parameters

Model: KPX

Capacity: 22T

Power: Battery Powered

Table Size: 6600*1700*670mm

Lifting Height: 350mm

Running Speed:0-10m/min

Charging Method: Automatic Charging

Power: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

Rail Model: P24

5. Video


The above introduction is just the tip of the iceberg of the 22 ton battery powered rail transfer car. It also has many advantages such as safety protection devices and high load capacity, making it a star in the field of modern construction site and factory transportation. Whether it is in terms of performance or ease of use, it does not disappoint. As an innovative force in reforming convenient transportation methods, the 22 ton battery powered rail transfer car will definitely add indispensable power to your project!

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