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20T Battery Operated Trolley For Items Transportation Between Factory Inter Bay

January 20, 2023

Our Indian customer ordered 2 sets battery operated trolley, they send inquiry to us for 19th, Apr., 2023, after chat for one months again and again, we make wonderful cooperation for this project. Up yo now, it had reach to our customer factory, the manufacturing time is 20 days.

Project Introduce

We are interested in 20t Battery operated trolley. Trolley will use for transportation of items between inter bay in the factory. The battery operated trolley parameter has attachment to let us quotation:

1. Capacity of car is 20t.

2. Travelling speed - 20 m / min (max)

3. Travel distances 20 m to 150 m.

4. Motor power is as follows :--

a) 2.2 kw one motor.


b) Motor 1.1 x 2 = 2.2 kw

      (two number)

5. No. of cycle per hour - 8 to 12 & cycle time is 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Overall size of the car (L x W x H) – 4m x 2.5m x 0.75m.

7. No of wheel – 4 nos.

8. Track gauge – 1676mm

9. Wheel base – 2600mm

10. Wheel diameter – 400mm

After confirmation, everything can be satisfied except the size, because the customer requires the width of the trolley to be 2.5M, and the shipping cost will increase a lot. Therefore, we recommended 2 meters width to the customer based on the goods they transported, and the customer readily accepted our suggestion. Considering this from the customer's perspective, it saves the customer a lot of costs and does not affect the transportation back and forth in the workshop.

20T Battery Operated Trolley For Items Transportation Between Factory Inter Bay 20T Battery Operated Trolley For Items Transportation Between Factory Inter Bay

20T Battery Operated Trolley For Items Transportation Between Factory Inter Bay 20T Battery Operated Trolley For Items Transportation Between Factory Inter Bay

Battery Operated Trolley Introduce

The battery operated trolley is a battery rail transfer cart specially used for material transportation across different areas within the workshop. It has the following features and advantages:

1. Efficient and stable: Using advanced battery technology to provide continuous and stable power to ensure efficient and stable operation of battery operated trolleys in the workshop.

2. Cross-region transportation: Due to its unique structural design, this battery operated trolley can be transported across different areas within the workshop to achieve rapid transfer of materials between different areas.

3. Easy to operate: The battery operated trolley is usually equipped with a simple operating interface and remote control, and the operator can easily control its movement and stop.

4. High safety: The battery battery operated trolley is designed with safety performance in mind and is equipped with safety measures such as braking systems and speed limiting devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving: Using batteries as the power source is more environmentally friendly and energy saving than traditional fuel equipment, helping to reduce energy consumption and emissions during the production process.

6. Convenient maintenance: The maintenance of battery battery operated trolleys is relatively simple and convenient. Usually, you only need to regularly check the battery status and track wear, and replace or repair it in time.

In short, the workshop battery battery operated trolley is an efficient, stable, safe and environmentally friendly material handling equipment. It can improve the efficiency of logistics transfer within the workshop and reduce energy consumption and emissions. It is one of the indispensable and important equipment in the modern workshop.


BEFANBY Introduce

BEFANBY is a designer and manufacturer dedicated to global material handling solutions. With more than 20 years of production and design experience, it is the earliest handling equipment manufacturer in China. It is also the leader in the handling equipment industry and the only one in the industry. A specialized and innovative enterprise. Currently, we can customize and produce various types of handling equipment, including hundreds of types of handling equipment such as intelligent heavy-duty AGVs, automated rail guided vehicles, rail cars, trackless vehicles, trailers, turntables, etc. The company has CE, SGS, ISO9001 and other certifications, more than 70 patents, and exports to more than 90 countries. Its products are widely used in aerospace, lithium battery, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel plants, various workshops, production lines, assembly lines, ports, Railways and other industries that require material handling.

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