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20 MT Capacity Battery Operated Chargeable Rail Cart For Port Container Transfer - Export Singapore

November 23, 2019

Singapore clients’ placed the order of rail cart for port container or ship parts handling, which can replace of the forklift and crane with higher working frequency. As per the using time and frequency one day, the battery operated type rail carts are designed, generally the maintenance free battery are used to exported, which is easy maintenance compared common one, and the intelligent charged are equipped together, which is the advantage of rapid charge, low noise, prolong the battery lifetime, etc. About the platform of the rail cart, there are container locking block on four corners to protect the container.

Technical Parameter of the port container transfer rail cart:

1. Power: battery operated

2. Capacity: 20MT

3. Table Size: 5500*2200*550mm

4. Motor: DC Motor

5. Wheel Diameter: 4*350mm

6. Control Method: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

7. Safe System: Sensor Stop, audible and visual alarm, Buffer, E-stop

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