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15T Electrical Rail Transfer Cart For Wire Drum Transportation Outdoor

July 18, 2022

Project Introduce

Our customer placed the order for the 15t electrical rail transfer cart, as per their inquiry:

You are requested to kindly quote for the attached items along with all the relevant documents, such as catalog, brand, model number, technical specifications, datasheet, after sales etc.

1. Customised locally manufactured or available in the stock due to the urgency

2. 15 Ton capacity with load certificate

3. Two movements forward and back forward -  one speed low speed

4. With Emergency stop, side guard & 4 teflon roller stoppers having slots to adjust them according to the cylinder dimensions

5. Delivery and installation in the scope of work include electrical connections

6. Dimensions refer to the below PIC|In addition please find the below dimension diagram of the cylinder where the Electrical rail transfer cart (transfer trolly) will be used for it.

7. Electrical rail transfer cart (transfer trolly) will be used to transfer the wire drum.

After checked all attachments carefully, we have a deeper understanding of the customer's needs, including the handling environment and working conditions of the rail transfer cart that the customer needs. We also clearly understand where the customer's pain points are. After communicating with our customer, we recommend it to the customer. The most economical outdoor moving solution.

Technical Parameter

Model: KPT

Capacity: 15T

Power: Cable Powered

Table Size: 2500*2000*850mm

Running Speed: 0-5m/s

Running Speed: 210m

Rail: P24

Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

Picture And Video Showing

The pictures shown were taken when we visited the customer's site two years later. The customer was very satisfied with the use of this rail transfer cart and took us to the 15T rail transfer cart work site.

15T Electrical Rail Transfer Cart For Wire Drum Transportation Outdoor 15T Electrical Rail Transfer Cart For Wire Drum Transportation Outdoor

KPT Type Rail Transfer Cart Introduce

This rail transfer cart is mainly used to drag cables and provide power for them, and is suitable for outdoor use. Its compact design and rugged construction allow it to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. The rail transfer carts are equipped with efficient motors and reducers to ensure smooth and reliable operation. In addition, it has sufficient carrying capacity and can bear more than 15 tons of weight, with a load-bearing coefficient of 150%.

In addition to its strong carrying capacity, this rail transfer cart also has many other advantages. First, it is designed with ease of operation in mind, allowing users to control and operate it with ease. Secondly, the rail transfer cart adopts an advanced control system, which can achieve precise speed and position control, ensuring the stability and accuracy of operation.

In addition, the rail transfer cart offers good durability and reliability. Its main structure is made of high-quality materials and can be used for a long time in various harsh environmental conditions. At the same time, the rail transfer cart is also equipped with various safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators.

In short, this 15 ton towing cable-powered rail transfer cart for outdoor use is an efficient, stable and safe handling equipment. No matter in any industry, it can play an important role in improving work efficiency and safety.

BEFANBY Introduce

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