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100T Generator Powered Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle For Heavy Beam Handling

June 19, 2022

Project Introduction

Our customer is a large crane manufacturer. The customer uses this rail guided transfer vehicle for large beams and other workpieces of different lengths and tonnages. According to the customer's requirements, the power supply system uses an electric transfer vehicle powered by a generator. This series of electric transfer vehicles are not affected by time. It is suitable for occasions with frequent use, short running length and large workload. The vehicle consists of a power supply system, a transmission system, a steel structure main frame, a steering system, a traveling mechanism, and a control system. A generator is selected as the power supply for this series of vehicles, and the power supply provides power to the traction motor through the electrical control module system. It realizes the start, stop, forward, backward and steering functions of the transfer vehicle. This series of vehicles can travel on turning tracks. The vehicles are equipped with safety warning and safety detection devices, which will immediately alarm and automatically stop when encountering pedestrians or obstacles.

Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle Parameters

Model: KPF


Table Size: 13500*3000*1210mm

Power: Diesel Engine Powered

Speed: 0-10m/min

Turning: Support

Operation desk: Include

Operation: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

100T Generator Powered Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle For Heavy Beam Handling 100T Generator Powered Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle For Heavy Beam Handling

Generator Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle Features

The generator powered rail transfer vehicle is a special rail transfer vehicle that uses a generator as a power source to provide power for the vehicle. This kind of transfer vehicle is usually used to transport goods within a factory or a specific place, especially when transportation with a large span is required.

Features of generator powered rail transfer vehicles include:

1. Powerful: The generator can provide stable power output, allowing the track transfer vehicle to easily cope with various loads and slopes.

2. Convenient operation: Compared with traditional rail transfer vehicles, generator powered rail transfer vehicles do not need to lay cables or use other external power sources, and are more convenient to operate.

3. High flexibility: Since the generator can be installed on the vehicle, this transfer vehicle can be used in various complex environments, such as tunnels, bridges, etc.

4. Easy maintenance: Generators are generally easier to maintain and repair than traditional electric rail systems.

When using a generator powered track transfer vehicle, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Safe operation: Before use, the vehicle needs to be fully inspected to ensure that it is in good working condition. At the same time, relevant safety regulations need to be followed during operation to avoid accidents.

2. Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on generators and vehicles to ensure their normal operation and service life.

3. Environmental protection requirements: When using a generator, you need to pay attention to environmental protection requirements and take corresponding measures to reduce noise and exhaust emissions.

100T Generator Powered Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle For Heavy Beam Handling 100T Generator Powered Rail Guided Transfer Vehicle For Heavy Beam Handling

100T Rail Guided Vehicle Working Video

Company Advantage

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