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10 Ton Electric Trackless Agv Flat Car For Workshop Die Transport

June 18, 2020

10 Ton Electric Trackless Agv Flat Car For Workshop Die Transport

The AGV flat car is driven by a steering wheel. The steering wheel is composed of polyurethane wheels, a reducer, a servo motor and a brake. It can control the steering wheel at any angle according to the signal instructions. The core of the AGV truck technology is the control part. BEFANBY manufactured the AGV flat car use servo drives and PLC programming control to ensure the synchronization of the wheels and the accuracy of parking. The electric trackless agv flat car can be operated by manual control or automatically by magnetic permeability. Magnetic strips or magnetic nails are laid on the ground, and the magnetic signal is converted into a digital signal through the on-board magnetic sensor and transmitted to the controller to control the agv flat car to be fixed along the magnetic permeability The route runs automatically.

AGV flat car agv robot

Technical Parameter of the Electric Trackless Agv Flat Car:

1. Capacity: 10 ton

2. Table Size: 2500*1300*450mm

3. Wheel Size: 210mm

4. Wheel Material: Polyurethane + ZG55

5. Control Method: Remote control + Screen Control

6. Guidance Ways: Magnetic nails

7. Warranty: 2 Years

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