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25 Ton Material Transfer Cart On Cross Rail

July 04, 2024

Recently, 2 rail material transfer carts that can run on cross rails have been put into use in the customer's factory.

A month ago, the customer found BEFANBY and put forward his demand: they need to carry boxes weighing up to 25 tons, and the boxes need to be moved from one location to multiple locations, so they need a high-carrying capacity handling equipment.Rail material transfer carts also need to increase the lifting countertops to meet the handling needs of various heights.The customer also proposed that it would be better if the rail material transfer cart could be controlled by computer PLC.

Material Transfer Cart On Cross Rail 25 Ton Material Transfer Cart

BEFANBY's engineers designed this rail material transfer cart that can run on a cross rail according to customer requirements.

  • OEM: Support
  • Vulnerable Parts: Give as gifts
  • Power: Battery
  • Capacity: 25 tons
  • Size: 5500*3000*1000 mm
  • Running Speed: 0-20m/min
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Certificate: CE SGS ISO9001, SASO

This kind of rail material transfer cart adopts advanced cross-track design, which can realize flexible operation of multiple rails and greatly improve the handling efficiency.Moreover, the design with a lifting device allows the rail material transfer cart countertop to lift the top of the material to adapt to the handling needs of different heights.More importantly, according to customer requirements, this rail material transfer cart can be controlled by computer or remote control, which not only improves the accuracy of operation, but also guarantees the safety of operators.

In the actual handling and manufacturing environment, this new type of rail material transfer cart shows many advantages.First of all, it can travel freely in narrow spaces such as factory workshops and storage areas, transforming heavy objects that originally required human handling into automated operations, greatly reducing labor intensity.Secondly, the design of flexible multi-track operation allows multiple handling tasks to be carried out at the same time, improving the overall production efficiency.In addition, computer or remote control allows operators to operate in a safe location, reducing operating risks.