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Operation Instruction Of Magnetic Nail Guide AGV Automated Guided Vehicle System

August 28, 2021

Operation Instruction Of Magnetic Nail Guide AGV Automated Guided Vehicle System

Please pay attention to the following matters when using our company's AGV trolley.

One, AGV Starts

  1. Turn the electric lock key switch to the right open position, and the battery control system will automatically detect the battery voltage and external wiring status. When it is normal, turn on the internal output module, and the power indicator will light up. Please charge the car in time when the voltage is lower than 48V.

  2. The initial steering wheel direction of the agv returns to the right. Click the touch screen to find the reference point button, wait for the 1#, 2# steering wheel positions to be 0, and then click the straight button. (Or turn the mode switch to the remote control position, press the remote control start button, click the search reference point button, and check the position of the 1# and 2# steering wheels displayed on the touch screen. When the values become 0, click the straight button to turn The steering wheel automatically returns to the right).

 3. Fine tuning of the body. Before starting to walk, please check whether the navigation arrow of the car body coincides with the magnetic nail path line. For example, when the left-right deviation is 10cm, press and hold the forward or backward button of the remote control while the car is walking, and press the left/right fine-tuning button to adjust the car to the front /The position of the rear navigation arrow coincides with the magnetic nail path line.

Two, AGV Control

 1. The control operation is divided into local/remote/remote control mode. The local mode is to control two-way automatic walking through the body handle box buttons. The remote mode is the central control wireless Ethernet remote control (using the buttons on the operating column to control the emergency stop, loading and unloading of the trolley. The remote control mode is to control the forward and backward of the trolley and other functions through the remote control.

 2. straight mode

Through the above three modes, the trolley can be controlled for precise positioning (±10mm) and walking in a straight line (the deviation is ±10mm, the deviation of the car body is ±20mm).

 Three, AGV Protection

1. Anti-collision protection. The protection mode is radar sector anti-collision. When there is an obstacle 1.5 meters in front of the car, the car will automatically decelerate and stop (the deceleration distance is 0.5 meters). When the obstacle is removed, the car will automatically continue forward.

2. Bumper protection. When an obstacle touches the bumper, the car will stop immediately (as the car's secondary protection).

3. Derailment automatic parking protection. When the car is fully automatic, the navigation sensor will automatically stop without receiving the magnetic nail signal within 10 seconds.

Four, Charging The AGV

The car battery supports 6 hours of continuous work. When a low-voltage buzzer alarm occurs in the line, the car cannot be started in a stopped state, and the battery gauge shows that the voltage is lower than 48ⅴ, please charge the car in time. The charging operation is: click the touch screen (charging) button, the car will automatically drive to the charging pile position, decelerate to stop, manually open the emergency stop button of the charging cabinet, push the protective circuit breaker on the lower left side of the cabinet, and click the charging button after the charging cabinet touch screen lights up. It can be automatically charged, and the charging cabinet will automatically stop output when the battery is full. Note: All driving status and fault information of the trolley can be viewed on the touch screen.

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