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AGV Automated Guided Vehicle Mecanum Wheel From Korea Order

August 28, 2021

BEFANBY can provide different types of mecanum wheels while maintaining a high standard of accuracy. The supporting structure in the driven wheel set using technology can provide stronger ground adaptability. The wheel hub adopts an integrated molding process, which greatly improves the strength, rigidity and precision of the universal wheel. This universal wheel is designed with rolling bearing, and the surface of the driven wheel is made of polyurethane. The mecanum wheel is compact in structure and flexible in movement. It is a mecanum wheel suitable for indoor and outdoor venues.

Our Korea client ordered these mecanum wheels for sales, It is a test order for thie time, They plan to make a long cooperation with us if all went well.

Welcome to Inquiry us for more details.


AGV Automated Guided Vehicle Mecanum Wheel From Korea Order  AGV Automated Guided Vehicle Mecanum Wheels From Korea Order