Why You Need A Heavy-Duty AGV?

September 27, 2022
Do you want to make your workshop a smart workshop? Are you looking to automate processes? Whether you are an assembly line or a production workshop, the design and production of heavy-duty AGVs have matured, and the transportation and carrying capacity problems of automated guided vehicles in the market that you worry about will no longer exist. To realize an unmanned workshop, AGV will help you easily solve the handling problem.
The combination of heavy-duty AGV and robot scheduling system can realize the intelligence and flexibility of AGV processing work, making the processing more adaptable and flexible. The use of heavy-duty AGVs can replace large trucks, heavy-duty rail vehicles, manual haulage vehicles, and more. Compared with ordinary light-duty AGVs, heavy-duty AGVs have higher requirements for technical conditions and support, stricter design structure and parts procurement standards, and pay more attention to the stability and safety of AGV operation. Therefore, the R&D and production thresholds of heavy AGVs are also relatively high.